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Things are busy!

There’s lots going on here a the moment. It’s time to get this site all rebuilt and updated too.

As well as training, I’m involved with some really exciting projects. I’m hoping to release 2 of them in the very near future. Both projects extend the functionality of online video. Forget the passive search and watch approach. These apps will allow you to USE the video content for your own specific needs.

I’m pleased to say that I’ve also been busy with the training schedule. This year has been mainly Flash and Flex (FlashBuilder). Actionscript 3 is continuing to capture the creative hearts and minds of an increasing number of folk from so many different backgrounds. Can you believe it? All the designers I’ve helped to venture into the AS3 world are becoming hooked. Well, all except one. You know who you are!

I’ve been meeting lots of geeks too. Those guys who live in the world of complex data. And can you believe it? All the geeks I’ve helped to venture into the world of design… Oh ok all except too many, and yes you all know who you are! But thanks to Apple UI globalisation, even this grey region of our world is changing. Flex 4 has just made it easier. Flash Catalyst is the bridge to make it even easier. Training in both these starts – now. Get in touch to organize if you like

Also, what about HTML 5. There’s a lot of nonsense being broadcast out there eh! Its a shame because HTML 5 is going to be amazing. Forget all the hype and politics surrounding video and iPhones and Flash. There’s a place for all. I’m enjoying HTML 5 and as always Javascript. And as always CSS. We are so lucky having Flash though While all the arguments bounce around, failing to agree on open video standards and locked in so called ‘open’ SDKs, the world happily continues to interact with little (ok, sometimes big!) swf files. Like Google say, people use Flash. But when the time comes, HTML 5 will be king – the prince must mature first though.

Back to the dev…