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Adobe Certified Expert

After developing for the web and using Macromedia/Adobe tools since the 90′s, I have been delivering certified training since 2000. Time’s flown! I am pleased to be still offering certified training in many of the tools offered by Adobe. I am now delivering the authorised CS5 specific courses. Over the years I have created a few extra courses on even more specific topics including Extended Actionscript, Flash Video, Advanced CSS, Javascript. Soon to be added to this list will be HTML 5 and AJAX.

I bring to the training many years of real world development experience and best codes of practice in a very relaxed manner. Attendees benefit from Authorised Adobe training materials consolidated by hands on exercises. If you like to try improvised exercises, so do I. I am keen to deliver training that proves to be as relevant as possible to all attendees. Over the years I have often been required to deliver custom training resulting in clients not only learning but also leaving with working examples.

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